Greetings from the Mayor.

Dear Residents, Friends and Visitors,

As always, as the Saint’s Day of Mojácar’s own Patron, San Agustín is upon us, I would like to take the opportunity to write to you all. This comes with an invitation to join in the celebrations for this special occasion, which has always united everyone in our town with the many events that are usually held.

The Coronavirus, however, has temporarily altered our lives, affecting for example, our work, the schools, our elders but mainly the way we socialize and relate to our loved ones and those we live with. It also impacts on our deep-rooted displays of affection, which are an inherent part of our culture and concept of well-being.

This current reality has made its impact upon almost every month of this year so far and, has forced us all to make hard and difficult decisions. For many this has meant serious sacrifices and changes that, although even though temporary, we still find very significant.

As you are already aware, with my responsibility as Mayor, together with that of my Government team and the whole Council, we have been forced to cancel the traditional programme that annually celebrates our Patron Saint’s Fiesta days. Events that have been held without fail for many years, that have given us so many fond memories that we so diligently preserve in order to pass them to today’s children so that they inherit the same enthusiasm and respect that our own parents had.

The difficult decision to take a break from tradition, comes as a result of my duty as a guarantor of everyone’s safety. These cancellations, like so many others that have been necessary throughout his year’s festive calendar, will be understood by all Mojaqueros and visitors alike. I am immensely proud of the commitment and solidarity you have shown, along with the great efforts, responsibility and seriousness displayed in order to overcome this crisis.

The events may have been cancelled, but not the spirit that for generations has brought us all together for our Patron, San Agustín. Our sense of civic duty this year will call for us to socialize in a different way, without forgetting cordiality or our memories of friends and family who live away from us. We should not forget anything about the things that have always made these long-awaited days so special.
The Holy Mass will be held on Friday, August 28th, San Agustín’s name day, in the Santa María Parish Church at 7 p.m. with singing by the soprano Mercedes Campoy, accompanied by Esther Peñas on piano. The Church will, of course, be in line with all sanitary regulations and required social distancing and I encourage you to join in this religious ceremony that our Parish priest, Miguel Esteban and many townspeople have organized with so much love and affection. This will be followed. at 10 p.m. with a concert in the Plaza Nueva, which will also adhere to the same security measures.

Although difficult times are still ahead of us, we will overcome all obstacles, as we have the spirit of solidarity on hand to achieve whatever is possible and the necessary means to help those who need us most. We also have our townspeople’s respect and willingness to follow the health regulations, which now is the way that will help protect us until a future time when we will have overcome this crisis.

On behalf of myself, as Mayor of Mojácar, and on behalf of the whole Corporation on which I preside, I wish you a happy San Agustín Day.

Long live San Agustin !. Long live Mojácar!

Rosa Maria Cano
Mayor of Mojácar