Mojácar expands its offer for visiting the locality this Christmas. Success in Mojácar of the sweet route.

Mojácar’s Christmas illuminations thanks to winning the “Together we shine brighter” campaign have been a boost this Christmas, making a visit to the locality a must, with an offer of complementary activities which shouldn’t be missed.

A great increase in suggestions that, aside from admiring the old town’s magnificent illuminations, go from experiences like touring and discovering Mojácar’s different emblematic corners, following the route of the lucky Christmas indalos, which have grown in number and expanded their magical powers.
Another alternative, although complementary, would be another route, this a “sweet” one, that nobody doesn’t like following.
The “Sweet Route”, which is on the initiative of the Mojácar Pueblo Traders Association, suggests a gastronomic route for those with a sweet tooth, running through the locality’s old town. It is proving to be a complete success, and the establishments which have joined in with the proposal have to continuously replenish the different offers they have made, all of them based on Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
As well as tasting incredible desserts, this route also includes an evaluation by the customers, who can rate each creation from one to 10. In the 11 establishments taking part in this route you can try from Rocher mojitos to gold ingots, as well as Ferrero logs, each more intriguing.
Customers have the possibility of expressing their opinion, and the three sweet dishes which get the most points will be the winners of a special prize which has been put together by all the local traders. Nevertheless, everyone will receive a prize and recognition because, and on this there is unanimity, each sweet dish is created with the excellence and care of the great pastry chefs.
You mustn’t forget to pay a visit to Father Christmas during the route, who is waiting for children and grown-ups in the Multi-Uses Centre to collect their letters and to give out sweets before his imminent arrival at the homes of Mojácar.
Father Christmas is visiting Mojácar and has been receiving children in the Multi-Uses Centre for several days. Today, 23rd December, he will be waiting for them from 6pm to 10pm. On the 24th, and before starting on his gift route, he will attend to the littlest ones and their families from 12-midday to 2pm. For those who are most behind, and once he’s finished his work, on Sunday 25th December he will say goodbye to Mojácar from 6pm to 10pm, to bid farewell until next year.