Mojácar Council extends the period of the Christmas illuminations

Mojácar’s attractive Christmas decorations thanks to being the winner of the Ferrero Rocher “Together we shine brighter” contest, added to the offers from traders and the hospitality sector, have made the municipality one of the must-sees this Christmas.

Every night Mojacar receives a large number of visitors, who come to enjoy the festive atmosphere that runs through the whole of the locality’s old town.
Given the raised expectations, Mojácar Council wants to let everyone who wants to gaze at these spectacular illuminations know that they will remain on, for the time being, and as a minimum, until the end of January, not ruling out the possibility of extending this period further and as already announced by the Mayor, Rosa María Cano.
With this decision, Mojácar Council wants to give thanks for the support fired up throughout the province in the campaign to become the competition winners and hence give the opportunity to all those who wish to enjoy the illuminations, without having to rush and without the need to stay within the limited calendar of the traditional dates of Christmas.
This way Mojácar will shine brighter for longer and remain open for many more dates to be able to come to the municipality.