Mojácar Red Cross to stage an open day in the locality´s Multi-uses Centre.

Mojácar Red Cross, in collaboration with the Local Council, has organised an open day for next Sunday 6th March from 10am onwards in the locality’s Multi-Uses Centre.

The event is aimed at members, donors, volunteers and members of the general public who are interested in finding out first-hand about all the activities which the Mojácar Red Cross Local Assembly carries out over the year.
Stands will be set up at the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre which will show visitors the different work which they do with families in need, the elderly, the environment, lifesaving, as well as the day-to-day activities of all their volunteers.
For the recognition that they want to offer the members and collaborators, there will also be included a thanks to the different State security forces, firefighters, doctors, Civil Protection and other public services which actively collaborate with their assistance and first-aid work.
As a representative of them all, the Head of the Levante Almería Firefighting Consortium Francisco, Javier Flores Ortega, will receive a symbolic present, with which they want to express their gratitude for the collaboration they receive, and in the case of the Levante Almería firefighters, the affection and the attention which they receive though the donations and the campaigns which they personally organise.
As well as the members of the Mojácar Red Cross and its governing board: Concepción Rivero Puche, Local Assembly President; Rosa María Vicente, Spanish Red Cross Expert; and the President of the Almería Red Cross, Antonio Alastrué Latorre, also present at the open day will be the Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, and members of her government team; Garrucha Mayor, María López Cervantes; María Isabel López, Mayor of Turre; and Mayor of Los Gallardos, Francisco Miguel Reyes, as well as Andalucía Parliament member Rodrigo Sánchez Haro.
Mojácar Red Cross encourages all the region’s residents to go along on the 6th March and share the day with this important non-profit association, which is always there where it is most needed. Not only in international conflict zones, but also, and very often, in our own municipality, serving the neediest effectively and discreetly.