Carnival in Mojácar dedicated to the locality´s youngest.


Carnival has not missed Mojácar out in this 2022 edition, although it has been dedicated only to the very youngest while waiting for the end of the pandemic to allow the kind of celebrations like the grand Mojácar carnival tradition held for many years.

The children had their special event at the weekend, although the plan had been to celebrate it at the Commercial Centre in the open-air and rain meant the celebration was moved to the Multi-Uses Centre.

The children, wearing costumes, enjoyed costume workshops and games, fun competitions and the company of the best-known characters from the big screen and from TV, who along with the youngsters took part in the singing games and dances staged throughout the morning.

Mojácar’s Carnival has always been very popular among local residents, and it’s one of the most important dates on the festival calendar.

More than 10 troupes come together over the several days, and are joined by invited troupes from other localities in the province and from Murcia, all forming part of a parade which gets bigger every year in terms of numbers and colourfulness.

Costume competitions and troupes, dance and several days of uninterrupted partying make up Mojácar’s Carnival, with a fun burial of the sardine as the grand finale.

Although it could not be this year, Mojacar Local Council, which over past years has enhanced the children’s carnival, the talent pool for future troupes, did not want leave the little ones without their party, and promoted this day for them, as well as at school, where last Friday they staged their private party with costumes and entertainment from the group Indalo Show, and which they shared with an Andalucian breakfast in celebration also of the Day of Andalucía.