Mojácar renews its Sicted Quality certifications for its beaches

The Almería Levante Community of Municipalities, manager of the SICTED destination (Comprehensive System of Spanish Tourism Quality in Destinations), celebrated last Thursday, at the El Puntazo Hotel in Mojácar, the presentation of the distinctions to 43 Almeria Levante region tourist services.

Attending the event were the President of the supra-municipal entity, Domingo Fernández, and the Almería Provincial Council Deputy Vice-President, Fernando Giménez, who together with the Mojácar Council Tourism Councillor, Maria Gracia Alarcón, presented the quality certifications to the different tourist services.
The Almería Provincial Council Vice-President explained the importance of the Provincial Council’s work on tourism issues: “We want to promote each of our municipalities on Destination Costa de Almería, because we want the tourism sector and the services sector of Almería province to go well, so we have to be an instrument in the hands of each and every business owner.”
Mojácar is one of the region’s municipal institutions which has for another edition revalidated its quality certificates for its El Cantal, Lance Nuevo, Marina de la Torre, Venta del Bancal and Ventanicas beaches. The person entrusted with receiving these quality certificates for Mojácar’s beaches was the councillor Ana María García.
These emblems are the support for the recognition of the “Tourism Quality Commitment” that accredits and recognises the effort made by tourism services to reinforce their quality. The emblem is valid for two years, although it is conditional on an annual follow-up evaluation by its inspectors.
Mojácar has got behind turning itself into a major sustainable and modern tourist area and will dedicate to this mission the 4.5 million subsidy that the European Union, through the “Next Generation” funds, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan in Spain, has decided to grant it to strengthen the tourist offer and the breaking of the seasonal nature of the destination, and on being a benchmark in the integration of tourism, with the new objectives of Green, Intelligent and Inclusive Destination.