Mojácar reopens their Paseo Marítimo in line with the latest leisure time rules

Advice on the authorized goverment measures were circulated by the Council through the social networks

The May holiday weekend and the great weather coincided with lockdown de-escalation steps in Mojácar, with the Council also reopening the promenade, although not the beaches.
Advice on the authorized government measures were circulated by the Council through the social networks managed by the local Tourism Office with the Councillor for Citizen Security, María Luisa Pérez, congratulating the people for their exemplary behaviour in following the recommendations and time schedules.
Mojácar’s 720 children aged up to 14 were the first group to enjoy their outdoor walks the previous week, followed a few days later by those groups over and under 70 years old who were allocated separate timeslots. Also for the first time, some sports were allowed again, although alone and not in groups.
The town’s Local Police and the Guardia Civil intensified control points to make checks on anyone coming in from other towns and provinces and Mojácar’s squad of 23 officers were fully active through the holiday weekend, employing their 4 vehicles and motorcycles.
Since the period of quarantine began, they have carried out nearly 700 actions, 1,528 vehicles were stopped and checked, along with 742 people and there have been 33 businesses inspected. 146 denuncias have been issued and 5 people are facing judicial action.
Mojácar Council is still carrying out the intensive disinfection around busy places such as banks, pharmacies, bus stops and supermarkets, with an emphasis on the Medical Centre. Trucks are also thoroughly cleaning the town’s streets along with the continued collaboration of the Levante Almería Firefighters Consortium whose vehicles are dispersing disinfectants in the fight against possible contagion.
Added to this is an ozone disinfection being used in the cleaning of schools and nurseries, as well as in the Parque Comercíal and all areas which see a greater concentration of people.
However, as well as all these valued workers, it is also down to the efforts of all the civic-minded residents of Mojácar that are making the town a safer place to be.