In a time of confinement or not, Mojácar is a town known for art and artists

Mojácar shares its images from inside and outside the home

In a time of confinement or not, Mojácar is a town known for art and artists and, with that in mind, the Council’s Culture, Tourism and Guadalinfo IT Departments have organized a project entitled “Mojácar tiene luz, dentro y fuera de casa, Mojácar es arte.” The idea is to put together an album made up from the images shared by residents, all captured through their windows, that have helped in some way to ease the time spent at home.
Anyone may send in drawings, watercolours, oil paintings or any other artistic expression, regardless of the artist’s age or skill and it is hoped that many more entries will be added to this special album that will serve as an artistic reminder of so many scenes and dreams as we hope for better days to come.
This is just one extra project to add to those that have already been set in action during this long quarantine by Mojácar’s Guadalinfo, who are working hard with Mojácar Council to support their residents online.
Guadalinfo’s facilitator, Miguel García Campoy, has been working continuously throughout every week by phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. to share information and offer support on a variety of technological topics, to benefit everyone both culturally and socially.
This work, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office and the Tourism and Culture Departments is much needed by the people of the town, especially when technology unites us more than ever in a time of imposed social distancing. Its importance in the homes of the Mojaqueros has been proven by the fact that in just 28 days there have been 17,000 interactions, no doubt a figure that will grow as new ideas, workshops and projects are being continually devised.