Mojácar Council requests a full technical inspection of their main water supply.

Faced with a series of cuts to the Town’s water supply over the last weekend, Mojácar Council has asked Almería’s Diputación Provincial for a thorough technical evaluation of the main water supply infrastructure that supplies Mojácar Pueblo in the section between Silos and the Jaramel water tank.

In this zone, there are faults that are believed to be causing problems for those living in the area as well as for the restaurants, hotels and those in a variety of businesses that depend on the tourist trade.
The President of the Mojácar Pueblo Asociación de Comerciantes, Isabel Sánchez, has submitted a letter to the Mojácar Council requesting their intervention to take the necessary measures to resolve this situation, as well as to support them in making any valid claims against those responsible in respect of their customers’ complaints and the losses brought about by this state of affairs.
Mojácar, as part of the Hydraulic Infrastructure Renewal Plan, has proposed an investment of 259,600 euros, but nevertheless, the state of the general water supply to Mojácar Pueblo calls for a detailed inspection of the entire system, regardless of this financial outlay.