A very busy tourist season for Mojácar.

Mojácar has been hanging up the ‘fully booked’ signs right through this summer and predictions are that the Town will continue to be until the end of the season, following on from a successful 97% hotel occupancy rate in July.

Mojácar has a total of 10,000 hotel places, added to which are a large number of holiday homes available to rent, with 467 officially registered, that can accommodate another 2,401 visitors.

This year, Mojácar’s tourism got off to a great start with the Easter holiday and official ‘bridge’ breaks, which all saw high occupancy. Then, the Town’s Tourist Offices noted another influx of visitors from June to the middle August, dealing with 16,152 people seeking events programmes and other local information.

Although the staff in Mojácar’s Tourist Offices are able to deal with queries in all major languages, 75% of those seeking advice were Spanish tourists, with 24, 4% from Madrid, followed by 15% from Andalucia, 14.8% from Catalonia and 11% from Valencia. International tourists accounted for 25% of those requiring their help, with the U.K at the forefront with 36%, followed by France with 30.5%.

Emmanuel Agüero, Mojácar’s Tourism Councillor, is sure that the increasing number of visitors from places much further afield such as the U.S.A, Australia, Russia and Korea is due to the Town’s promotion as one of the "Most Beautiful Places in Spain", as well as all the hard work that is being done by his department on the official website and social networks.

The Turismo de Mojácar Facebook page is one of the most important avenues for information and promotion and is currently a sector leader at regional level.

The page had more than 41,300 clicks on the "like" button, reaching 166,668 people alone between July 19 and August 15, an increase of 138% in the same period last year.