Mojácar´s “Romantic Night” photo wins award.

A photo of Mojácar by local resident, Alexis Molinier, has been chosen as one of the top three snaps taken on ‘Romantic Night’, along with those picked out from Tejeda in Gran Canaria and Chinchón near Madrid.

All three places are part of the network of 53 municipalities that make up the Association of The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain and, the Photography Contest organized through Instagram set out to capture the heart and soul of this special date in the calendar.
The three shots can be seen on Instagram entitled ‘Pueblos Más Bonitos de España’ and the winners all received the `Guide to the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain’ as well as an official T-shirt that had been especially designed for the event.
‘Romantic Night’ is a time to revere love in all its forms for everyone, all staged in Spain’s prettiest and most cultural spots. Each year now, on June 22nd, many of these towns (including those members across Europe) hold their own events with a range of activities that celebrate the start of summer.
This second event brought together over one million people across Spain, Belgium, Italy and France and Mojácar’s night was a huge success with the Old Town’s streets decked in balloons and hearts and a choice of romantic music in the various squares. It was an opportunity for both locals and visitors to enjoy the party atmosphere and join together for ‘The Most Beautiful Kiss’ at midnight. It was also a chance, once again, to showcase Mojácar’s skill at playing host to some of the best events in the province.