The World’s most beautiful kiss flies into the Mojácar sky.

Mojácar celebrated its third successful Romantic Night, attracting more people than to ever one of the newest and most unusual parties on the town´s calendar.

The Council´s organization all went to plan, with over 2,000 balloons transforming the Old Town and its special enchanting corners which have been immortalized by the thousands of photos over the years. On the night, several Photo-Calls were set up in the best spots, to encourage those strolling around to take the best snap on the best stage.
For this evening of love, live music invited everyone to get up and dance in the various village squares, with mime artists gently encouraging the shy ones to join in and soak up the mood.
On this all-important night, romantic love took centre stage, but it also reached out to everyone including friends, family and even pets. It was a time to have a little fun and forget about work and the daily routine on one of the first summer nights. In fact, Mojácar´s Romantic Night had already had its designed effect last year on one couple at least, with a proposal and a wedding.
The Plaza Nueva, which was turned into a huge dance floor with romantic music and heart-shaped balloons, was the setting for the “Most Beautiful Kiss” at midnight. At that point, to the sound of the town´s Santa Maria Church bells, locals and visitors joined together for a great kiss as fireworks soared into the sky.
It was a truly magical night for many others too, as 53 other fellow municipalities from the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain took part, as well as around 400 more across France, Italy and Belgium. This ´beautiful´ initiative, with its positive message of peace and love, prompted Mojácar to show the biggest heart, with the most beautiful kiss of all.