Mojácar sees an increase in domestic tourism during the summer season´s first fortnight.

Mojácar’s main summer season got off to a strong start, with a strict set of measures to ensure safety and cleanliness, as well as peace of mind for everyone throughout the town.

Although the Council are busy throughout the year trying to keep everywhere spick-and-span, there is always a special reinforced effort to prepare for this busy period, with local businesses also playing a huge part in guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene and security to help provide the perfect family holiday.
During the first fortnight of July, the local Tourism Office and information point on the beach dealt with over 1,700 enquiries. Spanish visitors came mainly from Madrid, Andalucia, Valencia, Catalonia, Castilla León, the Basque, Navarra, and Murcia, with an increase also in visitors from Aragon and Asturias. Tourists from elsewhere had travelled mainly from France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
          A marked increase in telephone and email inquiries were noted, with rules and beaches security controls a priority. It seemed the main motivation for this year’s holiday is to spend a relaxing time on the beach in a peaceful, safe environment. The fact that there are no time limits on the beach has also been an attraction, as well as the rigorous cleaning and extensive services provided by beach assistants and lifeguards.
Many new Spanish and foreign visitors have been drawn by the safety campaigns that have pulled them away from some of the traditionally more crowded destinations. However, Mojácar always has its faithful visitors who come time and time again to enjoy the wide range of urban and natural beaches along its 17 kms of coastline, as well as all the endless leisure activities on offer. As part of the in-depth profiling carried out by the Tourism Office, analysis has also shown a decrease in clients that come with an itinerary of various places to visit, preferring to remain in Mojácar for the duration of their holiday.
More visitors appear to have selected a private apartment for their fortnight stay this year, although the 3 and 4 star hotels have had 80 – 85% occupancy at weekends, with quieter midweek take up and average stays of between 3 and 5 nights.
The town has around 7,500 regulated accommodation places with a further 5,398 in vacation apartments plus 6,500 holiday homes.  Most reservations tend to be made on-line but there has been an increasing number of customers who have selected to book directly this year to ask personally about the capacity and all the control measures in place.
Mojácar’s restaurants have made every effort to comply with the safety regulations, giving visitors and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy the diverse gastronomy on the terraces in the old town or down by the sea.  Both places also have a wide variety of interesting shops, that alone, attract people to Mojácar to browse and buy.
The Mojácar Tourism website has also seen increasing interest in the last month, with 6,200 enquirers made up from largely those of national origin (91%) with the remaining numbers coming mainly from the UK, France and Belgium.  Of highest interest are the award winning, quality seal beaches and the anti-Covid measures currently in place.  Of the social networks that are utilised to maximum potential, including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Facebook, as the first to be used, has 44,500 followers on their Turismo de Mojácar page.  Also, their latest promotional video, “Por tu tranquilidad, elige Mojácar,” encouraging visitors to the town’s safe, peaceful destination recently reached 422,038 views.