Almería´s Tourism Delegate officially presents Mojácar´s Mayor with six Blue Flags.

José Luis Delgado, Almeria’s Tourism Delegate, recently presented six Blue Flags to Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmari Cano and her Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero LeClerc.

Accompanied by his Secretary General, Javier Zamora, Sr. Delgado congratulated the town for achieving these distinctions, acknowledging the great work that has been carried out throughout the year, with the six Blue Flags being “the fruits of the efforts made by the Town Council.” He also stressed that these important awards signified the commitment to beach quality, regarding the water, accessibility, life-saving and all the associated services that have improved day by day with forward planning and enthusiasm. In turn, he reiterated to the Mayor that he and his Ministry were at the town’s disposal for anything Mojácar may need throughout the year and, particularly during this season.
Both he and the Mayor stressed the importance of safety as a primary factor when choosing a holiday destination, especially now and, the Mayor highlighted the range of resources employed to ensure that Mojácar is one of the most requested destinations.
With the recent strict measures adopted by the Town Council, working with the support of local businesses, the town’s wide beaches, open spaces and low rise architecture attracts everyone looking for quality beaches and a variety of entertainment.
With all the necessary steps in place, visitors can now be assured that throughout their well-deserved break they will feel safe and secure and, very soon, the Council Team will officially raise the six Blue Flags awarded for this season by the European Environmental Education Foundation.