“Mojácar Senior Theatre” launched by town ‘s red cross

November is a month traditionally dedicated to the theatre in Mojácar, a town whose love of drama goes back a long way. To add to this, the town’s Red Cross has launched a new project, “Teatro Sénior Mojácar” with the creation of a theatre group entirely for seniors. The initiative, which has been warmly received, will be under the direction of Red Cross volunteer, Antonio Casado, along with a member of the local Aquelarre Theatre Company. Rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples and appropriate sketches, that will give all the actors in the group the chance to participate, are currently being reviewed.

Mojácar’s Red Cross has carried out a range of very commendable work for a long time, offering help and support to any individual or group from all sectors of society. They wide spectrum of action includes; visiting patients, checking up on children or families at risk of exclusion as well as helping with clothing and providing meals.
However, the elderly are at the centre of their main concerns as a particularly vulnerable sector and, the volunteers set up programmes to prevent loneliness and isolation, whilst encouraging seniors to be active and feel useful.
Craft workshops, trips to places of interest such as the Geode at Pulpí or the Almeria Refuge Shelters, painting exhibitions, WhatsApp groups, cookery competitions, attending informative talks such as those given by the Police on safety or basic first aid tips are just some of the activities on offer. Their new project is to include more British senior residents, with their two bilingual members and, with 18 local volunteers on hand, they also provide support across Turre, Los Gallardos and Carboneras.
The Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organization in the world and of great importance in this Region. Locally, they finance their work through member contributions, donations, lottery tickets and the monies raised through Red Cross Flag Day which was recently held on October 1st in Mojácar’s Parque Comercial with local seniors and the President of the local Third Age Association assisting with the event’s fund raising.