Mojácar takes on the “Dona vida al planeta” Environmental Campaign

Mojácar has joined a regional “save the Planet” campaign that will run over the next two months, promoting the reuse and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and, raising awareness on the its importance to society and the planet.

In Mojácar, two environmental specialists have been welcomed by the local Councillor responsible for such issues, Emmanuel Agüero, who will be around the town and the beach areas, handing out brochures and giving out general information to residents and visitors. Their aim is to impress on the public the advantages of correct waste management as well as the avoidance of accumulating old technological items in the home.
It is estimated that each year we all generate about 5 kilos of technological waste and in last year’s campaign, 42 million kilos were recovered, approximately 20 million more than in 2015, which the specialists consider a major change in awareness.
All appliances are manufactured with raw materials obtained from the environment, many of which are non-renewable, although through recycling, materials such as copper or aluminium can be reused for other new products. In this way the environmental damage made by its extraction could be avoided, since up to 90% of the parts can be reused.
One thing is for certain, there is a great need to continue to emphasize the importance of recycling and it is hoped that this campaign overall will reach around 60,000 people directly with possibly 600,000 more through the planned media actions.
The campaign is being promoted through the Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, the Andalucían Federation of Municipalities and, the Producers Responsibility Collective Systems.