Mojácar set to attend southern regional Conference of “The Most Beautiful towns and villages in Spain”.

This Saturday, Mojácar’s Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero Leclerc, along with Tourism Department Director, Carmen García Campoy, will attend the Southern Assembly of ‘The Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in Spain’ in Zuheros, Córdoba.

Taking place at noon at the Casa de la Cultura de Zuheros, the agenda topics will cover their larger World Association meeting in France, the Senate’s second meeting on November 15, as well as the election of the new Southern Region President and Secretary for the next two years.
After the success of the Association’s first Spanish Senate Conference last year, the November meeting will focus on tourism, innovation and environmental issues in rural Spain. Additionally, the attendance of Reina Emerita, Doña Sofia of Greece has been confirmed.
Following discussions at the conferences, meetings have been held throughout 2018 with electric and telecommunications companies as well as Public Administrations, reaching agreements that will be fruitful to municipalities, especially the smallest in the Association.
Organized by the Association to coincide with the annual Southern Assembly, the second Ethnographic Festival of the Most Beautiful Towns and Villages will also be held in Zuheros, in which the 12 Andalucían municipalities that make up this Assembly together with that of Tejeda in the Canary Islands, will offer a free tasting of each locality’s typical artisan products along with traditional dances, workshops and a historical re-enaction of the Grazalema bandoleros.
The last meeting of the Southern Assembly was held last October and, in December, Mojácar played host to the National Assembly, which was attended by Mayors and representatives from all its municipalities.