Mojácar hosts the FEDDI 2021 Spanish Pétanque Championship for people with intellectual disability

This weekend the Spanish Pétanque Championship for people with an intellectual disability was staged in Mojácar.

It was officially inaugurated on Friday and took place at the Mojácar Pétanque Club facilities.
The Spanish Pétanque Championship for FEDDI clubs, included in the official federative calendar, has as a mission to bring together the greatest number of clubs and sportspeople practicing this sport aimed at players with an intellectual disability in Spain.
The presentation took place in the function rooms of the Hotel Punta del Cantal, where the players stayed. Present were the Provincial Sports Deputy, José Antonio García, the President of the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with an Intellectual Disability, Javier Gutierrez Hernández, José Antonio Antolín, Head of the Los Carriles Foundation, and Francisco García Cerdá, Mojácar Council Sports Councillor, accompanied also by the councillor Ana García.
They are all representatives of the bodies which organise this event, which has been held in the locality for a long time, although it was postponed due the lockdown for two years.
Fourteen clubs from eight Autonomous Communities took part in the event, with the participation of 126 players. In addition, there were 48 trainers, 45 volunteers and other personnel, as well as more than 200 spectators and companions.
At the presentation, Mojácar Council Sports Councillor Francisco García Cerdá, highlighted the importance of sport and physical activity for all ages and for all kinds of people, as well as the support of the council for its promotion and establishment as a healthy habit. Francisco García also thanked the players for being there and the organisers, particularly emphasizing the Los Carriles Foundation and the great effort made over all the years, and without whose drive it would not have been possible to celebrate this competition.
The competition took place in a good atmosphere of sportsmanship, accompanied by an excellent day and with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.
The matches were held with three levels of participation according to the sports discipline federative regulations: competition (trios), adapted (doubles), and sports skills (individual).
The organisational structure of the championship was made up of Mojácar Council, Macael Council, the Almería Provincial Council, FEDDI, the Andalucía Pétanque Federation, the Almería Pétanque Delegation, the Mojácar Pétanque Club, the “Mundo de Todos” Regional Association, the Los Carriles Sports Club and the San Marcos Sports Club.
First places went to: in the individual category Javier Casanova from CD Primi Sport; Primi Sport also got first place in the doubles, and in triples, Atlético Fortius.
The winners received a lovely trophy made from Macael marble by members of the Los Carriles Foundation.