The Theatre comes to Mojácar’s School

Mojácar’s Bartolomé Flores primary schoolchildren were treated to a morning of theatre presented by youngsters of the same age group from Pulpí School.

Two plays were on the programme, first being “La Princesa Que No Sabía Estornudar”, a tale about problems that arise in the palace when they try to cure the Princess with help from an assortment of wise men, fairies and doctors. This was followed by “Chez le Docteur”, which was acted in French (set at a suitably easy level), with the story set in a doctor’s waiting room.
Almost 300 children gathered in the town’s Edificio de Usos Múltiples, watching and listening attentively to the presentation given by their counterparts from Pulpí, an event which is part of the Culture Programme designed by Almería’s Provincial Council in co-ordination with Mojácar Council.
Raquel Belmonte, the local Councillor for Culture, highlighted the importance of these activities that, “encourage reading and an interest in the theatre which has a great tradition in Mojácar, from the youngest through to the oldest.”
Mojácar was the first town, almost a century ago, in the Almería province to have its own theatre, which was named “Aquelarre” and was owned by the former mayor of Mojácar, Diego Carrillo. They put on well-known plays that all the townspeople took part in and today there is an important theatrical group in the locality which has retained the old name of “Aquelarre”, the little theatre that played to so many full houses.
This initiative to bring an element of theatre to the classroom is a very important educational tool to assist children’s learning as it improves language, understanding and, especially expression. Mojácar’s Culture Department participates and collaborates in a number of the programmed activities planned by the Provincial Council’s Culture Department, giving priority to the initiatives aimed at the youngest in the town.