Universal Wonderful Street Academy holds Annual Solidarity Lunch

The Universal Wonderful Street Academy, a non-governmental organisation that works to offer schooling and a future to the children of Ghana, organized its seventh annual solidarity meal in Mojácar on Sunday 18th November, with the aim in order of raising funds for its school in Accra.

This nonprofit institution, which was created by the singer Louis Wonder in 2012 and has been helping children who are orphaned or from families that do not have sufficient means to send them to school.
Instead of being on the streets, the children and young people are provided with free education and health care, as well as a daily meal. Currently, the Wonderful Street Academy helps more than one hundred children from 6 to 16 years old in the Bokum neighborhood, offering them hope and a future.
In order to support the Academy and raise funds, a headquarters was set up in Mojácar, the only one in Spain, which is non-bureaucratic therefore utilizes all the resources collected for the children and the school. The annual lunch event, held at Mojácar’s Marina Playa Hotel was just one of the various activities that are planned in Mojácar throughout the year.
Beatriz García, who is head of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy in Mojácar, has been organizing solidarity projects in the town for many years and is constantly seeking new ways to raise money to provide education for the most disadvantaged children in Ghana. Her enthusiasm is an example of solidarity in her crusade to help the little ones in a country that has one of the world’s highest levels of poverty.
The Mojácar H.Q is now joined by an additional one in Germany that has started contributing to the cause. In addition to participating in solidarity events, those interested in sponsoring a child or becoming members can do so through their representative in Mojácar, who gratefully welcomes all forms of help.