Mojácar returns to its Christmas traditions and residents go out onto the streets to sing popular carols

  Mojácar has approached Christmas 2022 with renewed joy, getting back the spirit that spills over the population at this time of year, and with this its oldest traditions. 

And so, after 25 years since the last time residents went out onto the street to “ask for the Christmas bonus”, and following a custom lost in the memory of the locality’s eldest, a group of 12 women, with Ginesa María Montoya at the head, and dressed as Mother Christmas, took to the streets to sing the carols they remembered from their childhood.
It was a great experience. These residents, some accompanied by their little ones, and with the traditional Christmas instruments like tambourines, castanets, bells and triangles, were joined by many visitors, pleasantly surprised by this initiative, spontaneously joining in with the group until they formed a more than considerable procession that went round the streets of Mojácar old town, with songs, music and a lot of smiles.
As tradition dictates, this Christmas choir’s request to their neighbours was limited to shortbreads and drinks to “keep up strength” and to carry on with the rounds. The response was unanimous and they didn’t lack anything.
This year, the members of the group chose the theme of Mother Christmas for their outfits, a nod to the British to include them, but for next Christmas they are already planning other themes, like the Mojácar typical costumes, little shepherds, or whatever they consider most appropriate in order to create anticipation among residents.
With this initiative, the door is opened to the re-establishment of both the old customs that marked the life and the traditions of the history of Mojácar and its inhabitants, as well as to the Christmas spirit, solidarity, sharing and celebrating together these special days that mark the beginning of winter.
The Mojácar locals are now talking about recovering Christmas experiences from their elderly and of rescuing from oblivion everything that marked their childhoods, now distant, but that will serve as a new beginning for the next generations. It also recovers something very important, the excitement and the desire to share joy and entertainment with all those who come to visit at this time of year.