Mojácar hosts VIII World gathering of the Tunas.

Last weekend, Mojácar played host to the musical University Tunas for their VIII World Meeting.

These events began in the town in 2010 as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Tunas from Granada Science University and, then continued over the following years under their joint organisation with both Mojácar and Almería Provincial Councils.
Mojácar’s charming streets and squares always add to the eye-catching Tunas and this year there were twenty four groups (including five female), who with their costumes, flags and capes put on a captivating show of movement and serenades.
The Tunas from Royal Bragança and the female group from Coimbra University of Medicine were special guests this year, both making a strong impression with the crowd and the judging panel, receiving the prize for the best parade and a special jury award.
Breaking the traditional programme of events this year, the town of Elche brought a group of young ladies competing to be their Fiesta Queen, along with last year’s winner with her Ladies of Honour and, members of Elche Council. Dressed in stunning, historic costumes, they were officially welcomed and presented with a commemorative plaque by Mojácar Tourism Councillor, Emmanuel Agüero.
Afterwards, they paraded to the Plaza Nueva, accompanied by Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosmarí Cano, where they joined in the serenades and dancing as the participating Tunas performed in their honour. Without doubt, all Tunas were worthy prize-winners, but at the end it was the Madrid Obras Públicas group that came out top.