American painter Linda Laino donates a painting to Mojácar Council.

The Valparaíso Foundation, in collaboration with Mojácar Council, recently welcomed four new residential scholars who had the opportunity to work on individual projects whilst getting to know about the town and its special places of interest.

Linda Laino, an American painter who was directly supported by Mojácar’s Culture Department, was joined by the Irish painter, Beatrice O’Connell, along with two poets, Rafael Morales and Helen Farish, from Spain and the United Kingdom respectively. All had been granted scholarships by the organization to allow them to enjoy their time in the town and develop their own work.
Linda Laino, who currently lives in Mexico, donated one of her paintings made during her stay, which will be put on show at the municipal art gallery. Linda had an extensive Art training, including studies at both Richmond and Virginia Universities, receiving special distinction at the latter.
She has also been awarded scholarships by leading museums and North American institutions such as the New York American Craft Museum and the Museum Graduate Fellowship, where her works have been often on show. She has made a number of solo and group exhibitions throughout North America and her paintings are part of private collections around the world.
All four scholarship holders put together an exhibition of the work they had developed during their time at Mojácar’s Valparaíso Foundation and like all the artists who have been on similar stays, the magnetism, peace and charm of their surroundings provided an added bonus to their work as well as on a personal level.
Their residence in the town coincided with Mojácar’s spectacular World Gathering of the famous musical University Tunas, adding even more colour and spectacle to an already very special experience and visit.