Mojácar´s 7 beaches and tourism office receive the Andalucían safety seal.

The Junta de Andalucía’s Department of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration have given the Andalucían Safety Seal to Mojácar beaches, as well as to the Municipal Tourism Office.

Following a request from the town’s mayor for approval, the award was presented to her on Saturday August 15th at Playa Lance Nuevo, by the regional delegate from Almería, Mr. José Luis Delgado Valdivia.

This formal declaration verifies the town’s compliance with the health and safety measures laid out in the tourism sector’s Practical Guide of Recommendations, which appear on the website for the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration. As part of this, the Council must undertake to maintain all standards throughout the validity of the award which lasts until June 9th next year.

All Mojácar’s urban beaches have been honoured with this latest Seal including: Playas de Marina de la Torre, Playa del Descargador Playa Piedra Villazar, Playa del Cantal, Playa Lance Nuevo, Playa Ventanicas and Playa Venta del Bancal. This recognition is in addition to the SICTED quality badges awarded by the Tourism General Secretariat and, the EEC Blue Flags already flying on these beaches.

These Safety Seals also distinguish a range of companies and services within the sector such as hotels, restaurants, camping and tourist information offices that comply with the Covid -19 security measures and guidelines from the World Health Organization. This peace of mind that is given to consumers through these awards is further strengthened by a rigorous ongoing checking process.

Since the Mojácar Tourism Office reopened to the public on June 15th, they have operated under the Covid 19 control standards, meeting the guidelines and measures for virus prevention, coordinated by the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Autonomous Communities and The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). These standards were drawn up by a committee made up from the ICTE (Institute of Tourism Quality) in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, FEMP and Local Councils with agreement from The Spanish Association of Workplace Services (AESPLA), PRL Innovación and both CCOO and UGT unions.