Mojácar´s Beach Safety Campaings


With Mojácar´s beaches now busy and tourist accommodation full, there has been a reinforcement of municipal services to ensure the summer passes peacefully and safely.

Mojácar Council has 25 lifeguards watching over the beaches through the day, with two jet skis, a zodiac, an ambulance and a support vehicle at their disposal.  Additionally, there are amphibious chairs for those with disabilities and, a designated lifeguard who can accompany anyone requesting the service safely in and out of the water.

Spread over seven of the town´s beaches, the rescue units, equipped with defibrillators, oxygen, spinal boards and first aid kits, give all the necessary support for these professionals to carry out their work.

However, it is vitally important that beach goers pay attention to instructions given by the lifeguards and, respect the green, yellow and red flags flying daily.

The company Ebone, which is contracted by Mojácar Council to ensure beach safety, also provides courses for youngsters throughout the summer called ´Socorristas Junior´ providing a fun, educational opportunity for children to see at first hand the lifeguard’s work. As well as instilling the dangers of not observing beach rules, they learn to how call 112, perform basic resuscitation do and the Heimlich manoeuvre. They also get a chance to see all the life-saving equipment put into action in cases of accident and rescue on the beach and in the water.

At El Lance beach, over 70 children and adults turned up for the last course who showed great interest in everything the lifeguards said and demonstrated. At noon on Saturday 28 July, the next course will be held on the beach at Marina de la Torre, when everyone is welcome to attend.

Rescue drills are also carried out with willing ´victims´, along with an ambulance and the Local Police, when the effectiveness of the services is reinforced and checked, whilst also showing those on the beach the practices and techniques that are followed in the case of emergency.  One such simulation took place at the Venta del Bancal beach with another one planned for next week with a focus on this time in the case of toxic spills.

For the time being however, the season has been calm and, with the exception of a small intervention, the work of the rescue professionals on Mojácar´s beaches has been blessed with a safe and peaceful atmosphere.