Mojácar steps up transport for Candlelit Night

Mojácar Council´s transport department has a special plan for its´Noche de las Velas´, which will start at 7 p.m. on July 26th and go through until 4 a.m. in order to ease access to the Pueblo on what is perhaps the busiest night of the year.


More than 20 buses will serve the route along Mojácar Playa to the Pueblo, with various co-ordinated lines going up and down, as well as shuttles to and from the Parque Comercial, all designed to speed up travel.
To facilitate quicker bus ticket purchase, different kiosks will be set up at the busiest points along the route including: the Hotel Indalo, the Hotel Pueblo Indalo, the Parque Comercial (by the biosaludable outdoor gym), the Petrol Station, the Avenida Encamp and at Marina de la Torre.
These extra measures have been put in place to give greater flexibility to the public transport service and reduce the travelling and waiting time for everyone going up and down to the Pueblo. To further assist, the ticket sales kiosks will be kept informed about the most suitable route and lines, so that users can be given clear information about which bus to take. Additionally, the taxi service will be reinforced that night, which can be easily contacted by ringing the Tele Taxi number: 950 888 111.
Also, given the immense popularity of this event the decision has been taken to ease the public transport service by prohibiting the access of private vehicles to the Pueblo from 7 p.m. which will affect the Avenida Encamp, Avenida Paris, Calle Glorieta as well as the Old Town, a similar strategy to the one in place for the Moors and Christians parade.
Mojácar´s Candlelit Night is a ´must do´ summer event at the Costa de Almería when the town is lit by candles, with telescopes to observe the stars, oriental dancing and many surprises when darkness falls to make it the most magical and unforgettable night of the year.