Mojácar council continues with energy efficiency improvements across the town

Mojácar Council has given the go ahead to an agreement by which Almería’s Provincial Council will collaborate financially to the town’s plans to move towards a low-carbon economy, which falls within the 2014-2020 sustainable growth plan already in action.

The Council is working on different initiatives to modernize and renovate the town’s exterior lighting and last year the report was approved on the first energy efficiency project to be co-financed by 80% from FEDER European Union funds which offers grants for investments in public services that lower carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2019 a study to upgrade to 1,213 public lighting points was made, requiring an investment of around 1,200,000 Euros, which would generate a maintenance and energy saving of 81,200 Euros per year. The comprehensive reform plan included new high performance LED lighting, the replacement of damaged supports and posts, adapted lighting panels and, centralized remote management systems. The total project amount amounted to 1,186,910 Euros, with an annual energy saving of 60% and, a financial saving of more than 70,000 Euros.

This new agreement, co-financed by Almeria Council, represents a total of 918 lighting points and an investment of 656,631 Euros with a municipal contribution of 32,831 Euros, as the 20% municipal contribution is reduced to 5% by the Provincial assistance. As well as the saving on maintenance and energy bills, the changes will also improve visual quality and road safety. A energy saving of 100,000 Euros is estimated for this coming year, plus any maintenance and breakdown costs, as parts are guaranteed for 10 years.

The Government Team’s objective is to renovate 100% of the street lighting, said Mojácar’s Finance Councillor Francisco García Cerdá. At present, another report is being preparing on energy efficiency for 2021 which would deal with the remaining lighting throughout the town, which would require an investment of just over a million Euros and increase the annual saving to over 140,000 euros.