Mojácar´s Seniors appear on the “Juan Y Medio” tv programme.

Mojácar’s senior residents recently went off to Seville to take up their seats as the studio audience in the Canal Sur programme “La Tarde, Aquí y Ahora” which is presented by popular star Juan y Medio and is a light-hearted entertainment show with news, music and some senior match making.

The local senior Tercera Edad Association asked Ana García, their designated Councillor, some time ago to put forward a request to the show on their behalf, which she immediately did although it took some time with so many towns on the waiting list.
The invitations finally came, and Ana accompanied 46 seniors to the show’s studio to see the live programme being made with their favourite presenter Juan y Medio, who is actually from Almería and also knows Mojácar very well as a regular visitor to the town.
They group took with them 120 kilos of non-perishable food as a contribution to the food bank that the programme organizers collect for, which reached an amount of almost 4,500 kilos on the day with their donation. They also put together a range of local homemade specialities for the post show afternoon buffet, including a range of sweet biscuits, muffins and cakes with savoury cracklings, sausages and homemade breads. For all their gifts, they received the warm thanks of the whole production team.
Ana García, having organised the trip which allowed so many to see their wish come true, was delighted with the great welcome they had received by everyone at the studio in Seville, giving them all the chance to spend an unforgettable day, which was full of fun from start to finish.