The celebration of the Moors and Christians Festival have been suspended

Due to the current state of alarm and health alert.

The Mojácar Town Hall, with the support of the Al-Mosaquer Moors and Christians Association, due to the current state of alarm and
health alert has taken the hard decision and decided to suspend the celebration of the Moors and Christians Festival due to have been
celebrated on the 12 th , 13 th and 14 th of June 2020, agreeing to postpone it for an undetermined date (if possible in this year 2020),
provided that the circumstances arising from the pandemic will allow. Similarly, the suspension of all the activities prior to the Fiestas
thatthe Association had scheduled, such as:

– IV Mojácar Moors and Christians Festival Poster Contest.
– I National Contest of Moors and Christian Processional Marches " 

  Al-Mosaquer" 2020. (1 st of May Concert in Center of Multiple Uses)
– IV Edition of the Moors and Christians Annual Magazine.

We are aware of the degree of uncertainty regarding the duration and consequences that this crisis will cause, and of the social impact that
this carries, especially from an emotional point of view, but this difficult decision is taken as an act and out of responsibility towards us all.

Now the most important thing is to take care of everyone's health, follow the indications regarding prevention, and return to a completely
normal situation as soon as possible …

We all deserve and have the right to organize and enjoy our Moors and Christians Festival with all the guarantees, and that every “partier”
and visitor can enjoy and feel those unique and special days again …