Night of San Juan in Mojácar

Following the age-old custom of the whole Mediterranean coast, yet another year Mojácar is joining in with the celebration of the Night of San Juan, with the traditional bonfire which Mojácar Council, through the Festivities Department, organises on the Descargador beach.

Open free of charge to everyone who wants to join such a magical night. The celebration will start on the evening of Friday 23rd of June and will end after midnight.
At 6pm the Descargador beach will start to receive the youngest with children’s activities: bouncy castles, workshops for family fun until 9pm.
From 10pm the children’s bonfire will be lit and the “Los Juaraginos” band will perform so that music and dance provide an atmosphere for the youth on the shortest night of the year.
The grown-ups will have their turn from midnight, which will be when the adults’ bonfire begins to burn and with fireworks as a backdrop, to burn not only the accumulated firewood. Each one, according to tradition, will be able to contribute to the magical ritual everything that they want to leave behind. Accompanied, of course, by the performance of the musical group “Klandestinos”.
The origin of the celebration of the Night of San Juan represents a festival of worship of the sun, also a homage to the times of harvest and as a purifying element to burn negative energies and open up to new stages of prosperity.
Later on, the Bible, records on this date the birth of St John the Baptist, which was announced with a grand bonfire by Zechariah, maintaining, as a result of this fact, the tradition of the bonfire on this night.
The celebration of the Night of San Juan, as everyone knows, is the night of legends and spells, of rites and charms. Remedies for nearly everything, and at the very least, the opportunity to have a fantastic night in Mojácar.
Also, those coming along will be able to discover whether among the bonfire, as on other occasions, there hides, or does not, a mysterious person of whom nobody knows how they got there.