Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Local Association has, in collaboration with the local Council, organised the “Grand Festival of Gold” for this Saturday 24th of June at 8pm in the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre.

The Grand Festival of Gold is a set of several performances by different artists, that, in solidarity, will include music by the Municipal Music School’s guitar orchestra and a performance by the violinist Luis José Fernández Moraza, the Cuevas del Almanzora Conservatory lead violin.
It will also feature poetry with readings of the work “Silencios que cobran vida” (Silences that come to life), by the poet María Emilia Gutiérrez Contreras, who will personally perform her compositions.
But the most important surprise will come from the “Theatre Company for the Elderly”, belonging to the Mojácar Red Cross Association of the Third Age, with an original work: “La Parada”, written and performed by themselves. A stellar performance by 11 actors belonging to this senior citizens’ group.
La Parada has been written collectively and creatively by our senior citizens. It is an original idea from the members of the senior citizens’ group, as are the characters who will appear throughout the play. A comedy full of humour, which will undoubtedly make us smile more than once.
The theme is a surprise, just like the scenery, which has been designed and thought out by the participants in the Red Cross’s painting workshop. A workshop that is producing new artists, and who have collaborated in the staging of this contest.
The Mojácar Red Cross Local Association has called on all the region’s residents and visitors to attend the performance on Saturday. For a symbolic price, five euros, for which you also get a Golden Raffle ticket, not only is a fun and entertaining evening guaranteed, but it also helps this institution, which at the current time needs our collaboration more than ever.
Its work is immense, and in difficult times its help represents the only support for many families and many elderly people.
Concepción Rivero, President of the Mojácar Red Cross Local Assembly, wants to put out a call to action to everyone to collaborate with this charitable association, mainly by becoming a member, even if it is only for a symbolic amount. But all the help adds up, and solidarity is important, whether it is donating food, buying a raffle ticket or taking part in any initiative carried out throughout the year, and of which the only aim is to help the most unprotected and the neediest.