Mojácar´s Night of the Candles postponed until 30th of September

Due to reasons beyond their control, Mojácar Council and the Mojácar Pueblo Traders Association, have been forced to move to the 30th of September “The Night of the Candles” event, scheduled for this Saturday 2nd of the same month.

The confirmation of the arrival of a “Dana” (isolated high-level depression), and the high probability of rain on the day make holding it impossible, while at the same time it could compromise transport safety and the fluid circulation of both vehicles and pedestrians.
In this case, safety must take precedence over the enthusiasm and the effort made by the local authority and the Traders Association, as well as of residents in general, and which always accompanies each of the calls to events staged in the municipality.
Mojácar Council apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused, and especially to those people who had planned to share with us one of the locality’s most magical nights. Only reasons of acts of God have been able to force the local authority to make the decision to move the date.
However, Mojácar Council and the Traders Association want to stress that the 30th “The Night of Candles” will have all the planned activities and will shine, as usual, with the magic and charm that characterises this locality, and most especially this celebration.