Participation success in the Mojácar domino tournament

The Mojácar Dominos Championship, following a long time without being held, returned to the municipality on the occasion of the Saint Augustine festivities.

Organised by Mojácar Council through the Festivities Department, there was high participation: 28 male players and eight female who battled for victory, both in the men’s and the women’s tournament.
For the first time it was possible to call women to take part in a joint championship, and they responded with a high participation, all with their Mojácar scarves around their necks, a lot of enthusiasm and a high level of play.
Throughout all the matches there was a great atmosphere and the reencounter of many players is worth highlighting, some of them after a long period of absence and leading to many anecdotes, memories, old stories, and above all conversation and catching up on the news.
As it had been a long time since the championship had been organised, the call to take part was very well received and there was a request to repeat it soon.
After a tough competition which demonstrated the high level of the participants, the winners were, in the women’s category, Beatriz Gómez and Isabel Colmenero.
The male finalists were José María Montoya, Javier Montoya, Juan Montoya and Francisco Flores, the latter two being those who in the end gained victory in a hard-fought final.
The winners, masculine and feminine, obtained a tasty prize consisting of hams, pork shoulders and wine, to celebrate the victory with friends and family.
The Mojácar Third Age Centre is usually the meeting point for domino enthusiasts, although the games of “garrafina” and “subastao”, among others, are also popular among attendees.
Dominos is one of the most famous board games in the world. It emerged more than 1,000 years ago in China, being created, perhaps, as a derivation of the game of dice. Despite its name of French origin, it seems that it was the Italians, in the mid-18th century, who introduced it to Europe, at least as we know it today: 28 double, rectangular dominos.