Painting, Sculpture and Photography on Show at Mojácar´s “La Fuente” Gallery

Mojácar’s municipal art gallery recently inaugurated a new exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture by the artists Vara Tartalo and Pedro Barranco .

Vara, who studied drawing, painting and sculpture at Madrid’s Peña Art Academy has 35 paintings in the show. She has taken part in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, receiving many awards during her career.
She is inspired, she says, by her own free spirit, capturing nature intuitively as her brush stokes guide her shapes and colours onto her canvas, resulting in works that grab the attention yet are full of sensitivity.
Pedro Barranco, a retired engineer, resumed his love of art with tuition from his own brother, graduated in Fine Arts, then threw himself into sculpture and photography. Although he defines himself as an “enthusiastic amateur” the reality is that his work reveals both mastery and knowledge. His 19 wire sculptures and 24 photos are outstanding for their beauty and originality.
Mojácar’s Education Councillor, Ana García, was present at the opening, finding out about the exhibits from the artists themselves, joined by many others keen to see this contemporary art show. Ana, impressed with the quality of the whole exhibition, pointed out the number of artists that are still drawn to Mojácar, which has become an eternal inspiration for all manner of artists.
To view the exhibition, which has free entrance, it can be visited until October 31st, Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.