Mojácar Council Holds Annual Lunch Party for their senior residents

One of the final events organised by Mojácar Council in honour of their Patron Saint, Virgen del Rosario, was the meal to celebrate the town’s senior residents.

This traditional lunch party has been held now for a number of years and 140 guests were treated to a lunchtime meal with dancing at The Puntazo Hotel, accompanied by the Mayor, Rosa María Cano, the 3rd Age Councillor, Ana García, and Citizen Security Councillor, María Luisa Pérez, along with the local Parish Priest, Miguel José Esteban Jerez.
It is a party that is given with a great deal of affection and, every effort is made to make it a full and fun day for everyone. Anyone who is 65 and registered on the Mojácar Padron can apply for a ticket and every year more people, including numerous nationalities, attend. The British community particularly takes part in many of the local Council activities organized, including Edna Thirlaway, one of Mojácar’s most well-loved veterans, who at 94 years of age maintains her zest for Spanish life, still joining in with the Council’s senior exercise classes.
The lunch was followed by hours of dancing with live music, with the seniors showing off their fitness and enthusiasm for a party, regardless of age or nationality. The much anticipated raffle was also held, which many local businesses contributing prizes to add to the 3 large hams given by the Council as the most enviable gifts.
Ana García, stressed how important these happy events are in getting people together to enjoy each other’s company, complementing the Council’s other work to help and support the town’s seniors. The Mayor also added how the needs of this older sector of the town are a high priority for her Government Team, with every possible effort made to meet their needs and provide the best quality of life and self-sufficiency that today’s society can offer.