Rosa Maria Cano reappointed as President of the Levante Firefighting Consortium

Mojácar’s Mayor, Rosa María Cano, has been unanimously reappointed as President of the Levante Firefighting and Rescue Consortium at their recent General Meeting, with Bédar’s Mayor, Ángel Collado, appointed as Vice President.

The Consortium has representatives from its 13 member municipalities which are; Antas, Bédar, Carboneras, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Huercal-Overa, Mojácar, Sorbas, Turre, Cuevas del Almanzora, Pulpí, Taberno and Vera, along with a representative from Almeria’s Provincial Council.
Rosa María Cano has been President since 2015 and during that time, there have been great challenges for the Consortium’s 16 teams of firefighters dealing with emergencies in their own area along with those of Almanzora-Los Vélez. Also, in this period, the workforce has been expanded with 28 new teams and the purchase of 5 new fire engines and more related equipment to carry out their necessary work. The fire station at Huercal-Overa is now also open, along with the one in Albox.
The President gave her thanks for the renewal of her position in a service that is “fundamental both for the member towns and for those who serve in the Levante and the Almanzora areas.” She also expressed gratitude for Almeria Provincial Council’s collaboration.
This new stage now brings fresh challenges to all involved, such as the incorporation of more teams, the reconstruction of Albox fire station that will include a firefighters’ training area, as well as additional work at Huercal-Overa fire station. However, Rosa María Cano gave her assurance that, together with the Vice President, Ángel Collado, they will continue to push for improvements for the Region and its teams.
The Levante Almeriense Consortium members have made significant changes since it was set up in 2007. Currently, 10 teams are on duty every day attending to all types of emergencies from the Huercal-Overa, Albox and Turre stations, although all teams can be mobilized at any time. The importance of their work is highlighted by the 431 call outs so far this year.
It is also important to mention the firefighters’ social contribution, such as their involvement with charities, open days for schools and paying visits to hospitals at Christmas to deliver toys to the children there.