The artefacto collective and the painter Angela Ortiz exhibit in Mojácar

The Artefacto collective has once again put its works on show in Mojácar, at the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre, open to the public until the 17th of December.

Sculpture, photography, crafts and painting come together in this group exhibition featuring: Aitor Pablo Gorrán, Szkamdera, Ángel Rodríguez, Anika Lagarrigue, Elizabeth Attewell, Heidi Gaber, María José Kaury, Nikki Freespirit, Pamen Merchante and Ricardo Rejón, all of them members of Artefacto and sharing the exhibition hall, the painter Ángela Ortiz.

The inauguration took place on the 1st of December with the presence of the Mojácar Mayor, Francisco García Cerdá, accompanied by the Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares.
Francisco García and Noemí Linares spent time perusing the exhibition accompanied by the authors of the works on display and had the opportunity to share with them the peculiarities of many of the works presented.

The inauguration was a complete success, as usually happens when the collective exhibits in Mojácar, including with numerous sales that same afternoon.
The Artefacto collective brings together many of the best artists in the area represented in different artistic disciplines. It currently has 25 members, although their number is almost continuously growing.

Artefacto was created two years ago, born as a project aimed at promoting art at the same time as putting forward proposals associated with collaboration with charitable and social institutions in the region.

Their work since then has earned them recognition for their initiative, being awarded at the 14th edition of the Levante Awards in the cultural category organised by the Voice of Almería. This award values the effort and achievements made linked to the Levante Almeriense region.

There are new projects in the pipeline, such as holding workshops and creating a craft and antique market that could be located at the Mojácar Fountain to reactivate it as a meeting point for local residents, and in which artisans from all over the province could join, or collaborating with the Mojácar Red Cross in various actions, among other initiatives.

Artefacto will also be represented at the Christmas market that the Local Council has set up in the most emblematic squares of the old town to celebrate this important time of year.

Anyone interested in seeing this exhibition can visit the La Fuente Municipal Art Centre, which will have its doors open, free of charge, from Monday to Sunday, with morning opening hours from 10am to 2pm and afternoons from 5-8pm.