The second sport and health event held in Mojácar brings together senior citizens from the Levante region of Almería and Los Vélez

On 28 May, the Mojácar Municipal Sports Pavilion was the setting for the second Sport and Health Meeting, an initiative organised by the Almería Provincial Council and Mojácar Town Council. This event, aimed at promoting physical activity and healthy habits among the elderly, brought together participants from various municipalities of the Levante region of Almería and Los Vélez.
Those attending, from towns such as Vélez Blanco, Topares, María, Chirivel, Bédar, Taberno, Partaloa, Lubrín and Mojácar, enjoyed a day packed with activities. From early in the morning, participants got involved in sessions of therapeutic exercise, stretching and relaxation techniques, with the stellar activity of strength work called ‘Phenomenon Fit’ (‘Fenómeno Fit’), specially brought in for the occasion.
The day began with a healthy breakfast offered by Mojácar Town Council, allowing participants to start the day with energy. After a morning of physical activities and conviviality, the meeting culminated with a closing performance of choreography, followed by a convivial meal, which strengthened the camaraderie among the attendees.
The Mojácar Department of Sports has highlighted the importance of this type of event to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle among the elderly, underlining the success of this second Sport and Health event.