Maximo Valverde presents his drama ” Mi querida Maribel”

As part of Mojacar´s Theatre season

Mojácar, a town with a love of theatre, traditionally dedicates November as the month to put on a series of different performances each Friday night, the latest offering being “Mi querida Maribel” which was written, starred and directed by the well-known film, theatre and television actor, Máximo Valverde.

An eagerly awaited show, which played to full capacity, “Mi querida Maribel” is the true story of love and heartbreak that Maximo Valverde and Isabel Pantoja kept alive more than 40 years ago, when the singer was only 17 years old and beginning her artistic career in Seville.

Eva Santamaría, a leading actress and singer who has spent 12 years touring the Spain’s theatres with Máximo, steps into the shoes of the young Isabel, with the actor playing himself in the performance.

This very romantic play, includes musical numbers, poetry and humour, delighted the audience on the night. Máximo, who plays his own role as the boyfriend, is said to have wanted to be a bullfighter before an actor. However, it is not the first time he has been to Mojácar or stepped onto the stage at the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, as theatre fans have in the past had the chance to see both him and Eva perform the play “Con ganas de reir”, also in front of a full house.

This coming Friday, November 16, the curtain will rise to “La Enferma por Amor” by the Italian author, Carlo Goldoni, presented by the Argentinian MDM Producciones. Like all the shows in the series, it will take place at the Centro de Usos Múltiples at 8.30 p.m. with tickets available at the Tourist Office or on the door before the performance.