Top Brand Sur F-One try out their latest gear on Mojácar beach.

Osaïa Reding, the junior Double World Kitesurf Champion, is spending her well-deserved summer break at home in Mojácar, making the most of her time at the beach to put in some training without the pressure of competitions.

At the aptly named surf school, “Camino del Sol”, kite surfing and all the other skills performed on the waves can be seen this weekend by sports fans, along with Osaïa and the company F-One Surf which sponsors her sports equipment.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday, they will be performing at the beach by the Hotel Indalo, where the chiringuito and the school her father runs along with one of her coaches are located. Surfers, professional and amateur, will have the unique opportunity to try out the very latest top quality products, as well as a chance to all get together and swap notes at the beach.
The weather is just right for these lovers of the waves and, both the school and the products will open and available all day for anyone keen to find out more, with Osaïa showing off her skills testing the new developments as well as signing autographs.
This year, our international Mojaquera achieved her second world Freestyle title, even though at 15, she was competing out of her own ‘under 16 junior’ category and was up against 19 year-old athletes. Despite also having the setback of medical leave of a month and a half during the championship period, there is no denying the talent of this youngster with successes such as Champion of Spain and Europe and Double World Champion under her belt, as well as more medals than she can possibly count.
Osaïa’s rest period will not last long however, as she will be off to France in August to take on some new tricks for the Freestyle Kitesurf Championship there. Everyone wishes her the best of luck, even though with all her talents, she really doesn’t need it.
For now, however, we can have the pleasure of seeing her in action on Mojácar’s waves, especially this weekend at “Camino del Sol” with all the very latest advancements in sports gear on show.