Trick or treat, a spookily good family halloween for Mojácar schoolchildren.

There is no mistaking that Halloween, the age old festivity dating from Anglo-Saxon times, is now firmly on the Spanish calendar.
In Mojácar, with its highly valued foreign community, the event brings together the young ones of all nationalities living in the town, who cannot wait to dress up in the most monstrous and original way they can, indulge in sweet treats and, spend a fun filled afternoon with their classmates.
Mojácar Council, along with the Bartolomé Flores School Parents’ Association, “El Jalí”, organized a ‘terrifying’ party in the town’s Centro de Usos Múltiples, which had been spectacularly decorated with over four hundred themed decorations, with the schoolchildren’s eager assistance.
The stage was set as an eerie ghost town covered in a spooky mist that formed the backdrop to the afternoon’s games which were scarily watched over by the huge spider hanging on its web from the ceiling.
The Halloween snack table, full of sweets and cakes brought by the parents, kept energies on a high for the partygoers both young and old.
Everyone also enjoyed the tunnel of terror, taking shots at the bat and making some sinister crafts, as well as the many other games that were played over and over again, without the young showing any signs of wearing out.
In all, the Halloween party was a huge success thanks to the perfect organization which had the collaboration and experience of the older members of the Association, as well as the parents who have helped with preparations for a number of years now, both by joining in and getting dressed up with the young ones.