Brice Catherin perfoms to Mojácar´s music school students.

Mojácar’s Municipal Music School students were recently treated to a concert in their main hall by the international musician and composer, Brice Catherin, who was in the town on a two week scholarship to develop new pieces for his worldwide concerts, courtesy of the local Council and the Valparaíso Foundation.
Staying with him on his visit during the second half of October were three other artists all working on new creative projects; Gonzalo Sainz-Trapaga, a Spanish visual artist, Christiane Hector, a Danish sculptor and Mona Theresa Lydon-Rochelle. The piano and electronic music concert Brice gave to the young Mojaqueros was entitled “Super Play Station 3 Turbo”, with an improvised piece named “Yellow Springs Angel P” as a special Mojácar version.
Brice, who is a Frenchman living in England, graduated in musical composition and, although he is cellist by vocation, commands a multitude of instruments. However, he is most acclaimed for his passion for composition and improvisation and, his latest projects are based on ideas of artistic freedom and duties.
For over a year now, Mojácar Council’s Department of Culture (led by Raquel Belmonte), in coordination with the Valparaíso Foundation, have offered scholarships to many artists around the world of all disciplines in the promotion of artistic creation. During their residences, they have been given the opportunity to not only get to know the town, long celebrated as an artist’s inspiration, but also to develop their work and give local people the chance to experience international trends current in the creative world.
This month, Mojácar welcomes a new group of scholarship holders; the painter, María Salmerón Huertas, Mario Marzan and Roxana Pérez, who are American audiovisual artists and Rafael Ruiz, a photographer.