“Mojácar Cristiana” y “Capitán Garcilaso”, winners of the Mojácar´s II national Moorish March Competition

The final of the “Al-Mosaquer” II National Moors and Christians Marches Composition Concert was held in Mojácar, organised by the Mojácar Association of Moors and Christians and Mojácar Council which, in this edition, was dedicated to the Christian march form.

The locality’s Municipal Music Band, directed by Miguel Ángel Miranda, performed the four finalist marches: “Bellum Chistianum”, “Daga”, “Deus Vult” and “Tierra del Indalo”.
The jury, present at the concert and following a long deliberation, proclaimed the work titled “Daga” as the winner of this II Composition Concert, awarded 1,000 euros, given by the Al-Mosaquer Association, and composed by Eugenio Llopis. This work will be integrated into the music repertoire at the Moors and Christians festivities under the name “Mojácar Cristiana”.
Second place and awarded 500 euros, given by Mojácar Council, went to “Deus Vult”, composed by Marcos Sánchez Mateos and which will also be incorporated into the festival repertoire under the name “Capitán Garcilaso”.
The names of the winning marches were announced by the jury to the audience following the performance of all the finalists, valuing the originality and quality of the composition within the accessibility of its performance, which will generally be performed in motion, accompanying the parade.
The members of the jury were made up of the “Al-Mosaquer” General Association of Moors and Christians president, Emilio Egea Gea; Mojácar Council Culture Councillor, Noemí Linares; the competition director and Garrucha’s “Ex Mari Orta” Municipal School of Music teacher, Ginés Gallardo Jerez; director of the Mojácar Music Band and teacher at the Mojácar Municipal Music School, Miguel Ángel Miranda; and Andrés Galera Cano, director of the “El Castillo de Serón” Music Band, teacher at the Purchena and Tíjola music schools and member of the Andalusian Federation of Bands (FEDERBAND), Almería Delegation.
With the compositions awarded in this II Composition Competition, the musical repertoire of the Mojácar Moors and Christians Festivities, one of the most important festivals celebrated in the locality, is increasing.
The first edition, in 2022, was dedicated to the Moorish marches, incorporating the composition of its winner, Ángel López Montesinos, under the name “Mora March”.
It is expected that both the Al-Mosaquer Association and Mojácar Council will continue to organise more competitions, enriching the cultural and tourist character, as well as the value, of these festivities, for which the declaration of Tourist Interest of Andalucia is now underway.
It is worth noting that the Mojácar Moors and Christians festivities were celebrated in the 17th century, as a commemoration of the incorporation of the locality into the kingdom of the Catholic Monarchs. Following its loss over time, it was in 1988, on the occasion of the commemoration of the V Centenary of the Capitulations and the Meeting of Two Cultures, when Mojácar recovered its Moors and Christians festivities.
Since then, the event has become an unavoidable event in which an entire town takes part, becoming one of the most important and popular in the whole province.