Mojácar base for the “Classic Motorbikes of the 80s” Association´s “Classics on the Road” Meeting

Mojacar was the meeting point for the group of “Classics On Road” motorbike enthusiasts who chose the locality for the IV Edition of a concentration of lovers of classic motorbikes from the 70s to the end of the 90s.

Over the weekend they went around the locality on their vintage motorbikes to share good times, experience, passion and their love of motorbiking in Mojácar.
They were received in Plaza Nueva by the Sports Councillor, Jesús Montoya, and the Tourism Councillor, María Gracia Alarcón, to welcome them to the municipality
The more than 40 motorbikes making up the group gathered there, creating a beautiful and incredible image of a Plaza Nueva full of historic motorbikes, all looked after and maintained in a very special way.
Mojácar Council offered them a guided tour of the old town on which they could find out first-hand about the locality’s history and most emblematic points.
In Mojácar they were also able to enjoy a small concert and get to know the surroundings and landscapes that characterise the area. Travelling along roads conducive to the enjoyment of motorbike riding and getting to know a little more about an area that everyone liked.
Classics On Road is defined as a community that connects all those who have in common their passion, memories, dedication, in some cases collecting and always the pleasure of looking at motorbikes, many of them now unique models, from three fantastic decades for motorcycling: 70s, 80s and 90s, all of them fully operational and suitable for use.
“Classics on Road” is the name of the “classic 80s motorcycles” association created to relive and enjoy the years of adventure of the time and bring together people who feel this way, creating a community of classic motorbike enthusiasts and staging meetings in different parts of Spain. With this, not only do people with this common denominator come into contact and enjoy the passion of travelling on secondary roads full of charm, it also promotes culture through getting to know new places.
This IV meeting turned out to be a complete success. There remains on the table the offer to return and learn more about a locality that they described as “full of charm.”