Mojácar´s summer is in full swing with new promotional campaigns and an increased interest as a holiday destination.

Mojácar has launched into the main tourist season, with a safe and quiet destination guaranteed.

The town, internationally famous as a beach resort in Almería and Andalucía, has many holiday makers looking towards it as a place to come to for its quality, environmental standards and safe conditions.
The Tourism and Beaches Department, the Tourist Office and the Mayor, Rosmari Cano, have worked hard together with great enthusiasm to bring about all these possibilities in the midst of all the many difficulties facing leisure activities at this current time.
Strict controls are in place, with reinforced disinfection by the beach staff, along with all the necessary machinery for beach cleaning. The lifeguard team, with the beach assistants are also supported by the Civil Protection and Local Police. The addition of new equipment for those with reduced mobility are just further parts of the all-round vacation plan, which has the close collaboration of local businesses, to offer an even more enticing Mojácar.
The Tourist Office has been carrying out a series of campaigns out to pull together information on everything the town has on offer this summer. “Por tu tranquilidad elige Mojácar” is the motto of the video and pictorial marketing campaign, which highlights the town’s peaceful safety, which has circulated the web and all social media throughout the world. Also, at Almería airport, a welcome is ready for visitors in the arrival hall with illuminated images of some of the province’s exciting highlights.
The Mojácar Tourist Offices have been open to the public since June 20th, although the staff never actually stopped working behind the scenes and, they have already dealt with 350 visitors, mostly Spanish. Telephone queries are increasing, with enquirers drawn by the town’s non-crowded nature and, keen to find out about current beach use and regulations, hiking trails and visits to the rest of the province.
A sister campaign, “Por tu tranquilidad, compra en Mojácar” is encouraging visitors to shop and spend in safety, with discounts available on the vast range of things to do, restaurants to visit and shops to browse in, all in a guaranteed environment.
A video has also circulated with famous regular visitors recommending the town, along with an important campaign to raise awareness on the safety measures not only on the beaches, but throughout the entire municipality, including the transport system. Basic reminders in Spanish and English on hygiene measures are being clearly displayed as one of the first and foremost measures in this new and necessary aspect of tourism.
Most of the hotels are now open and the beaches, clean and uncrowded, have more blue flags than ever this summer, where there has been no need to divide spaces or have time restrictions, making Mojácar one of this year’s most sought after destinations.