Art on the beaches of Mojácar

The rescue and lifeguard modules on the beaches of Mojácar are coming to life thanks to the artists “Makiniko”, who, commissioned by Mojácar Council, have managed to bring the seabed and its most emblematic species to our coast.

At the moment whales are the main subject of this first work found on the Piedra Villazar beach in front of the Parador. In the coming days they will finish two other works, one on the Venta del Bancal beach in front of the Hotel Indalo and the other on Lance beach. All with themes of the sea and its surprising inhabitants, waiting for their turn.
Maria Ángeles “Maki”, a photographer specialising in cultural events, and Nicolás Rodriguez, have the job of adding beauty and a life of their own to the new rescue and lifeguard modules, a beauty and spectacularity which does not go unnoticed by bathers or passers-by.
Nicolás Rodriguez has been in the world of painting for 30 years. Graffiti artist and artist, he is a Fine Arts graduate. He started out with some friends in the world of graffiti, a method of free painting, generally in urban spaces and as visual street art.
From the beginnings of graffiti, with a touch of illegality, this artistic expression has become a fully-fledged part of the art world, and despite being widespread, there are very few professional graffiti artists.
Nicolás is currently an art teacher in a Málaga secondary school and has run different workshops organised by the Almería Provincial Council, combining teaching with many jobs in the province and throughout the world, taking part in different competitions abroad and receiving awards on many occasions.
For the last 10 years he has worked with María Ángeles “Maki” Fernández, forming the group Makinico, a name that synthesizes their joint work and with which they sign many works.
A Mojácar Council initiative that highlights the artistic character of the locality, evident in all corners of the municipality.
Art that is complemented by characteristics of the beaches and services which every year the local council improves, supplements and updates.