Mojácar pays tribute to Diego Martínez Melgares at the I Federband Gala

The Mojácar Municipal Music Band has paid tribute to its former director, Diego Martínez Melgares, on the occasion of the I Federband Gala, celebrated in Olula del Río..

Mojácar Council councillors María Luisa Pérez and Raquel Belmonte, on behalf of the local authority, together with the current Mojácar Municipal Music Band director, Miguel Ángel Miranda, presented him with a commemorative plaque in recognition of his 14 years in charge of the music band and for “your contribution to and fight for our music band.”
Diego Martínez Melgares, was in the year 2000, responsible for forming and laying the foundations for what is today the music band. Its creation was linked to the first steps of the municipal music school. The first musicians to make up the band came from its classrooms. None at that time were over 15 years old. After a long time of rehearsals, enthusiasm, patience and a great desire to work, the time for its debut was finally a reality and for giving its first concert in 2002.
What’s certain is that the performances of the Municipal Music Band are highly anticipated in the municipality and are always welcomed with a great deal of interest and affection by its residents, being one of the best music bands in the province, as its numerous recognitions wherever they participate confirms.
Currently. Diego Martínez continues as a teacher in the locality’s municipal music school and continues to train the future members of the band or those who want to learn to play a wind instrument, being very loved and respected by his students and by all those who know him.
The framework in which this well-deserved tribute was paid to him by the Local Council and all the residents of Mojácar could not be more propitious, as the I Federband gala brought together more than 400 people, all of them connected to music and the music bands. Among them, the Almería Provincial Council Culture Delegate, the board of the Federban Andalucía Foundation, with its president Féliz Ruiz González, as well as the also president of the Delegation in Almería, Pedro Miguel Masegosa, and numerous members of the provincial board, mayors and members of the corporation of the municipalities represented in the 30 directors of the bands, also present, who make up part of the non-professional Music Bands Federation of Andalucía and who did not want to miss this important event celebrated in Olula del Río and which has been the greatest exponent of the world of music bands in the province.