Mojácar organises an excursion to the Sorbas Caves

Mojácar Council’s Sports Department and the Almería Provincial Council, through its Multiaventura programme, organised a visit to the Sorbas caves, bringing together families and residents of the town.

Exceeding the expected number, 52 residents, accompanied by the Sports Councillor Jesús Montoya Gredilla, began a cycle of excursions to the province’s emblematic locations to discover their richness and their most beautiful corners.
´For this first trip they chose the Sorbas caves, an area specially protected by the Environment Regional Ministry’s Provincial Delegation.
From the age of six and with no age limit, the group of visitors from Mojácar began their adventure at the Visitor Centre, where they were given information about the caves: their location in the more than six million years old Karst en Yesos natural landscape and the largest underground system in Spain.
Thanks to the visitor centre experts, they also learned about how the caves formed and their origins.
In the second part of the visit, and now accompanied by the centre’s professional guides and teachers, they entered through one of the caves’ routes and itineraries, being able to enjoy the natural works of art they offer and that are considered unique in our country.
The excursion was a complete success and also an experience of a day as a family or with friends. More remain to do in the near future, according to Jesús Montoya, making the most of the multitude of corners and opportunities that our province offers, yet unknown by many Almerians.