Writer Julia Navarro presents her latest book in Mojácar to a large audience


Once again, Mojácar brought together a large number of participants for its “Mojácar Literary Space” cycle, which this time had the visit of writer Julia Navarro in the presentation of “Una Historia Compartida” (A Shared History), her latest work.

Julia Navarro arrived in Mojácar, where she was received by the Corporation. She signed the town’s book of honour accompanied by the Mayor, Francisco García, and the members of his Government Team.
“Sometimes dreams form part of reality. Mojácar is a real dream. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be among you in this very real dream. With all my love and admiration.”
With these words Julia Navarro recorded her visit to Mojácar, and after chatting with the municipal representatives she headed for the Multi-Uses Centre where a large audience was waiting for her.
The presentation was given by Antonio Lao, editor of the Diario de Almería. For more than an hour the writer was telling anecdotes about a “Una Historia Compartida” and commenting on different current topics.
This work was written during the pandemic and the lockdown. It brings together the history of many women who have been important in the history of humanity, both in the world of science and of literature. Nonetheless, histories linked to the men who have accompanied them because: “Since the beginning of time the lives of men and women have been intertwined and one cannot be explained without the other.”
It was obligatory to mention the news that, in the light of her work, was on everyone’s mind. During her speech she was interrupted by spontaneous applause from the public, who were intently following her words.
Once the presentation was over and the question time concluded, nearly all those attending, more than 200, formed a long queue to have their books signed and to chat and take photographs with her.
Julia Navarro was at all times friendly and approachable with her readers. A woman, journalist and writer who, despite her great success, lives in today’s world and is not out of touch with citizens’ worries or the direction set by Spanish current affairs.