Mojácar at last celebrates its Night of the Candles on the 30th

Following its forced cancellation due to the arrival of a “Dana” storm, this 30th of September Mojácar celebrates its long-awaited “Night of the Candles 2023”, one of the most special events on which, under the light of the stars, the municipality has its most magical and unforgettable offer of the whole year.

The Mojácar Night of the Candles is organised by Mojácar Council and the Mojácar Pueblo Traders Association, with the collaboration of all the residents, who turn off all the lights in the old town, including in homes and businesses.
The magical streets of Mojácar, one of Spain’s most beautiful villages, appear suggestive in the light of the 8,000 candles which are placed along its streets. To these have to be added those put out by traders and individuals, which they strategically place in their establishments and homes. A multitude of torches complements a unique scene in the province.
The organisation asks all visitors who come along to this event to dress in white. It is part of a “staging” that complements the painstaking decoration, created in detail throughout the whole of Mojácar municipality.
As usual, telescopes will be set up at the Castle Viewpoint for the lovers of Mojácar’s skies. A professional will guide them through the planets and the different stars that shine in the spectacular Mojácar skies, without forgetting our moon that, as ever, appears seductively in the sky.
The old town’s different squares will serve as the stage for intimate concerts that can be enjoyed for free: Antonio Lucas on piano will welcome you in the Mariquita la Posá cave; Aitor Gómez, on saxophone in the Plaza Arbolollón; Ashley Cathcart on guitar and vocals in the Plaza del Parterre; Salvador Esteve and Octavio Santos, on violin and piano in the Plaza del Caño and an incredible batucada which will go round the streets of the old town. All from 9pm onwards.
The organisation recommends that for greater comfort visitors use the bus (best round trip), the tickets for which can be obtained from the huts at Marina de la Torre, the Montemar Commercial Centre, the Pueblo Indalo area and Calle Glorieta, next to the Pavana. The last bus down from the village will be at 2.45am.
A taxi is also a good option given that access to Mojácar village in a private vehicle will not be allowed.
A date to enjoy unique surroundings, music and stars on the now celebrated Mojácar Night of the Candles.